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We are looking for Junior Digital Performance Specialist

General Description

A Junior Digital Performance Specialist is an important role in our Marketing team and an integrated part of  the process of Digital Performance projects for our company. This role is connected with other departments such as: Sales, Project Management, Design & Front End to deliver the full service of Digital Performance for our clients. This role is closely related to and aligned with the Digital Marketing Planner and Digital Marketing Project Manager.

A Junior Digital Performance Specialist is a story-teller with data & analytics, specialising in understanding, analysing and reporting on insights related to marketing performance across all digital channels & formats: Web, Social, Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Email, etc. As a Performance Specialist, you will be focused on finding Insights to improve customer experience, reduce frictions, tailor optimised customer journeys to drive revenue for performance projects.

The Junior Digital Performance Specialist will work on many different projects at the same time and can handle multi-projects based on his | her experience & skills. Digital Performance Specialist acts as trusted advisor, providing strategic advisory for clients & internal teams for any performance related concerns, including: strategies, plans, technical issues, optimisation and relevant thematic performance.

An ideal Junior Digital Performance Specialist should be focused, enthusiastic and passionate about Digital Marketing, Growth & Performance Optimization. He | She is constantly evolving and finding the next tendencies of the industry while focusing on constant growth & improvement in an international working environment.

Details of Description (What will you do)

1. Engage & work closely with clients, sales, project managers, designers and any relevant stakeholders in your assigned projects.

2. Deep understanding about effectiveness & regulations of multiple social & digital platforms.

3. Make, develop & execute Digital Performance proposals as assigned, diversified in tasks from research, analytics for client’s performance, competitor’s status, to providing optimal planning.

4. Manage initiatives aimed at increasing performance for clients: leads, conversions, website’s performance, users acquisitions, installs, etc.

5. Take all responsibility for Digital Performance methods, from Paid Social Media, Paid Search, SEO,, Display, Video, Mobile Apps, Influencer, Email, CRM, etc.

6. Provide concrete methodologies of campaign’s success measurements: ROI, KPIs, Data-Driven Attribution Models, etc.

7. Analyse & provide Insights, Optimisations, Recommendations based on Data & Customer Analytics, Web’s Analytics, Ads Manager, Audience Insights, Social Listening and relevant Digital tools.

8. Building Dashboard, Reporting Templates, Data Studio and more tailored Reporting & Analytics platform to enable internal & clients access to work together.

9. Strong capacity & capability for sales-driven , ecommerce projects with technical understanding, and tagging alignments with stakeholders.

10. Presenting your Proposal, Annual Plan, Tactical Plan or any assigned performance work to clients & team.

11. Lead media’s content & creative direction for optimising the performance request as the best practice of platorm’s provision.

12. Manage all relationships with all stakeholders: clients, internal teams, vendors, suppliers, partners.

13. Being driven by Data, Customer Insights, Customer Behaviours, Customer Experience, Industry’s Insights, and Technology updates.

14. Other tasks will be assigned by business’s requests.

Qualifications, Personalities & Skills in Demand

1. You’re passionate for performance marketing, data analytics, love constantly challenging the status quo and experimenting with new ideas.

2. At least 2 years experience in Performance Marketing: Search, Apps, Display, Video, Mobile, Web, etc.

3. Proficient in making performance plans, proposals and managing outcomes of projects.

4. Ownership & Collaborative Attitude and familiar with a cross-functional working environment.

5. Customer-driven mindsets that understand what audiences consume and how to make it.

6. Experience in working with social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok, etc.

7. Familiar with Google Analytics, Data Analytics, Audience Insights, Social Listening, Content Creation & Management systems (CMS).

8. Willing to take any challenge to grow with the Team

9. Constantly learn & grow without hesitation or staying in your comfort zone. 9. Strong communications across functional teams and with clients.

10. Strong project Management capabilities and organisational skills.

11. Curiosity, empathy, an ability to work unsupervised but also a team player.


  • Enjoy insurance as prescribed
  • Vacation regime: 12 days/year (+1 day for each year of employment)
  • Annual travel with the company
  • And so on

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