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We are looking for PHP Backend Team Leader

We are looking for PHP Backend Team Leader

We’re looking for a senior PHP developer, with at least 8-10 industry years experience and at least 3 years of those being as the Team Leader, to join our team. Mastery of PHP is required, and preferably also extensive knowledge of CMS’ like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress as well as Symphony, Laravel and other PHP Frameworks

The developer’s main responsibility will be to create and manage application layer/interface.

Experienced in PHP

  • PHP >7.0 past (code) development experience.
  • SOLID principles, ACID, SOA, TDD, and industry’s Software Design Patterns knowledge.
  • PHPDoc.
  • Server-side SOAP and REST APIs past experience.
  • Composer’s working knowledge.
  • GIT proficiency.
  • JSON/XML working knowledge.
  • Experience with CMSs (Joomla and or WordPress preferably)
    • Extension management and development.
    • Template development.
    • Core overrides.
    • Language translations.
  • HTML5 (semantic), CSS3 (LESS/SASS) & ES6 knowledge.
  • Node / Gulp knowledge.
  • Docker knowledge.
  • Symfony and/or Laravel knowledge.
  • g11n (i18n and l10n).
  • E-commerce platform experience (PHP Based).
  • ERP System knowledge.
  • Payment Gateway integration experience.
  • Microservices.
  • Web Services.

Main responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Technical Manager, Product Manager, and Product Designer to build next-generation web applications.
  • Design and develop new features for the platform/system.
  • Evaluate and clarify product requirements.
  • Maintain quality standards of excellence and ensure compliance with standards and best practices.
  • Structuring Code Reviews.
  • Mentor Junior Team Members.
  • Planning & Educating Team Members.
  • Build efficient and reusable code and systems.
  • Identify and address performance bottlenecks.
  • Communicate with other team members to determine the best solutions to difficult problems..
  • Passion for performance debugging and benchmarking.


  • Salary: Negotiation depending on candidates’ qualifications and fulfillment of our requirements, thirteenth salary.
  • Insurance: Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance
  • Yearly Annual leave
  • The yearly trip, monthly core team bonus, training

Appy or Contact us for more information: